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COD: World at War

  • CoD WaW: Mod's installer (0.1)
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: Author: TroyLeChat.

      This is a fantastic little addon that does everything that you would need to do manually, and instead of finding those instructions for mods to download, or trying to restore an old profile as you didn't like the new one, or something went wrong, this can do it in a click of a button!

      Also, if you have software protecting your computer from downloading .exe files, this is an 'exe' file so make sure you turn it off or allow it for the split second when you're downloading this mod.

      * Automatic installation of mods (including nazi_zombie)
      * Automatic upload mods for sharing
      * Comments on the mods
      * Scoring system and classification of mods on different criteria
      * Backup profiles
      * Restoring profiles
      * Download the latest game's update
      * Automatic launching of mods in single player, multiplayer and cooperative

      Requirements: XP, VISTA, FRAMEWORK.NET 3.5

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