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  • NGO Modified Drivers for Win2K/XP Version 5.4
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    • File Description: These are NGO's modified driver set for ATI Radeon cards, based on the Catalyst 5.4 drivers. They feature improved image quality and performance over the standard ATI release, and feature many extra NGO addons, such as a build in Softmod feature, an OpenGL driver changer, and a driver setting manager application. Aside from that, these drivers have all of the features and bug fixes of the Catalyst 5.4 series.

  • NGO Modified ATI Catalyst Drivers for Win2K/XP Version 5.8
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    • File Description: This is the NGO performance and quality enhanced driver based on the ATI Catalyst 5.8. Features all of the bug fixes and enhancements of the standard 5.8 Catalyst with NGO modifications. Highly Recommended for any ATI card owner!

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