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Custom Maps, Patches and Mods for the Crysis Game

  • Crysis Benchmark Tool v.1.05
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: The tool provides a robust front-end to benchmark Crysis. It provides the ability to queue up many runs and will provide detailed results for each test as well as an overall summary with accurate averages. The first and foremost goals were simplicity and reliability in the tool and in the benchmark scores. Works with retail and demo.

      Source: www.crymod.com

  • Crysis Patch v1.1
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: The first Crysis patch offers performance in multi-GPU systems along with better graphic enhancements including general rendering and full screen anti-aliasing.

  • D3con's Blood Mod for Crysis
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: Here is a quick mod I made to add more blood in crysis.

      This time the particles are edited instead of using a .xml

      To install, drag the 'game' folder into your crysis/game folder. If you would like to use it in single player, drag it into the 'GameData.pak' (Make a backup of the pack before you overwrite the files within)


      Special thanks to cdaburnerb for recommending to change the particles rather then use a .xml
      also, the particles work good with James-Ryan's ragdoll mod :)


      * Blood for crysis


      1. Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game.
      2. Copy the downloaded files into the current game folder (Game/).
      3. Now, open up sandbox, and open up a level. Now go to: View -> Open View Pane -> Flow Graph. Now in the window that opened, go to file -> load, and load d3congoremod.xml located in your crysis/game folder, now close the window and play the map in sandbox.

      If anyone knows how to run xml's in single player (automatically for campaign maps), perhaps enabling via a script or something, please let me know (send me a pm on crymod.com)

      NOTE:If you use modiefied object files, scripts, textures the cheatprotection wont't let you play.

  • Frozen Island - Crysis singleplayer map
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: A chilly version of the singleplayer map that came with the demo.

  • The Escape v1.1
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: Custom Crysis map by Wrongday.

      Version 1.1 changes:

      - Trees collisions fixed
      - Sign collision at gas station fixed
      - Add-ons are now on guns
      - Lightning adjusted
      - Added some details
      - Added some hidden stuff

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