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Abit AN7 BIOS Files

  • Abit AN7 BIOS Version 15.02 Beta
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: This is the Beta bios for the ABIT AN7 (an7 15 beta02). I would advise using extreme caution before you decide to flash this file. Make a DOS Bootable diskette (WniXP-Win98 users) go to A: drive (or floppy drive) and format a DOS bootable disk (the option is near the bottom of the format section) and after the format unzip the contents of this folder into the disk. Then re-set your boot order in the bios to boot from the floppy and type in AWDFLA~1 to start the program. When it prompts you to type in the file to be flashed, type in an7_15 B02. Then hit enter and it will ask if you want to save your bios. My disk didn't have enough room to save the bios so I bypassed it, so use at your own risk. But I found it did several things for my computer. It sets the year at 2004 in CMOS by default, it enhances SATA transfer times, for those of you using pre v.14 bios' it gives you the option to disable the full screen boot up logo (so you can see your pretty post) and it also gives a new boot logo that is cleaner and puts Athlon XP in the upper left corner. For the other benefits it has, refer to ABIT's Bios 14 enhancements. I also found that it stabilized higher operating FSB's. AGAIN, use at your own risk. My motto is if it aint broke, don't fix it. I needed it. I also replaced the Award flash utility included in the Zip folder with the latest one from ABIT's Bios download site (this BIOS is not available there, I had to go to a mirror site of theirs to get it, and the AOA staff said they couldn't access the site themselves). Good luck :-) ! Tim/JMa2969

  • Abit AN7 BIOS Version 15
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: It is official....\"Beta\" no longer..you can also get it at the ABIT site

  • Abit AN7 Bios Version 14
    Click Here For Download Info
    • File Description: Abit AN7 BIOS 14. Please use the AWDFLASH v8.24F flash utility to update the AN7 BIOS. BIOS compile date: 01/06/2004

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