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  • 9NPAJ SLi BIOS 05.09.14
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    • File Description: # Hide memory 1T/2T item for C0 version CPU.
      # Add DIMM over-voltage up to 3.2v.
      # Add CPU overclock up to 450Mhz.
      # Fixed 'PWRON after PWR-Fail' function fail for F71872F.
      # Add Show Correct SATA hard disk string.
      # Patch system boot from USB FDD,and USB mouse enable in BIOS,PS2/USB KB can't work

  • EP-9NPAJ SLi BIOS Version 06.04.24
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    • File Description: Dated: 2006-05-04

      ** Add 'Burst Length' and 'DRAM Bank Interleaving' item.
      ** Solved some old type PCI VGA hang at POST 29h when full screen logo show.
      ** Fixed copy failure if copy file from PATA HDD to USB2.0 HDD.
      ** Added 150Mhz and 183Mhz potions for memory clock item.
      ** Update NVMM Version.

      Source: www.epox.com.tw

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