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Battlefield 2142 Game Files

  • Battlefield 2142 Demo
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    • File Description: This demo includes the 48-player map "Sidi Power Plant". Also included is Battlefield's classic 'Conquest' game mode, and the 'Titan' mode. You can discuss this demo in the forums!

  • Map: Battle of Anisiti (Beta) for BF2142
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    • File Description: A great new map from Iced Earth, plays great and looks cool.

      There are 6 capturable bases held by the Japanese: Beach, Village, Ship Yard, Factory, Airfield & Work Camp. The island is somewhat oval shaped, with a large mountain in the middle, and a river dividing the island. There are three bridges over the river. This, along with the relatively smaller size of the island should make for some great games.

      The allies invade with the Prince of Wales Battleship & Enterprise Aircraft Carrier (SBD and Rocket Corsair).

      Axis starts with three aircraft: Zero, Aichi, and Aichi-T, as well as 2 PT Boats.

  • Direct3D Patch 29 Update DLL
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    • File Description: Direct3D patch necessary on some systems. If you get an error about a missing D3D file, try installing the latest DirectX 9.0C. If that doesn't resolve your issue, try installing this DLL.

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