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  • Backgammon Lite v.6.3
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    • File Description: Backgammon Lite offers online backgammon where you can compete with other players from all over the world. The games feature advanced 3D graphics and crisp sounds. You can play using "fun money" or you can play using real money. There is no charge when you play for fun money. Backgammon Lite is completely free and is user friendly.

  • Beyond the Red Line Demo
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    • File Description: Demo of Beyond the Red Line. Stand alone mod of the Freespace Engine based on Battlestar Galatica.

      See http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/about.html for more info!

  • DefCon v. 1.0
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    • File Description: Demo of DEFON, a gritty, compelling game of Thermonucler genocide.

      "It's Global Thermonuclear War, and nobody wins.
      But maybe - just maybe - you can lose the least."

      Download it and give it a try, it's damn addictive.

  • Free SuDoKu (PC)
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    • File Description: OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2k/XP.

      The idea of the game is to fill the grid so that every row, column & region contains numbers from1 to 9.you can save your game , customize its appearance & check your answers automatically or manually. You can now switch between three different skins to suite your desktop style.

  • Galactic Dream Demo
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    • File Description: A space-based strategy game in which four species are fighting for their very survival. This game brings you the shaped wings of your very galactic dreams: you will command star-ships and terrifying space monsters in real time, choosing your side next to the in fatuous Terran Galactic Federation, Aldarian Warfleets, Sandking Psyarmada and, not to forget, the aggressive "world slayers", for whom the space is never enough! The game features great story, various galactic maps on which great battles are carried. Combining elements of space combat strategy, role-playing and real-time tactics, Galactic Dream will prove itself to be a decisive game.

  • Ice Wind Dale Patch Version 1.06
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    • File Description: Ice Wind Dale 106 patch

  • LagMeter Beta 1
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    • File Description: LagMeter Beta 1
      Here it is, a powerful software application that finally gives you the ability to not only measure the Lag you live with in your games, but also to understand where your lag-related problems are coming from. Finally, the causes of your Lag will not be a mystery because LagMeter will tell you if it is your gaming PC, the network, or the gaming server that is giving you grief. Once the causes of Lag are better understood, the gamers, game developers, and hardware manufacturers can work together to provide solutions to our #1 problem.

      Harlan Beverly said the toughest challenge about developing LagMeter was to quantify Lag in a meaningful metric that made sense. “LagMeter solves this by introducing a new metric, Lags per Minute (LPM), which is essentially the number of measurable Lag events in a minutes worth of game-play.” In addition to displaying Lags per Minute, LagMeter also measures and displays our tried and true favorite metrics – Ping and Frames Per Second (FPS). It even has an advanced configuration tab that allows the user to tailor exactly what is being measured based on which game they are playing or which network port or device is running the game.

  • PDC World Championship Darts Demo (PC)
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    • File Description: Starring even more PDC Champions, a full line up of electrifying tournaments, exceptional graphic enhancements, even more play modes - PDC World Championship Darts is back for 2008. PDC World Championship Darts 2008 is bringing the spectacle and excitement of the nation’s best loved sport to your home.

  • Penumbra v1.1 Full
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    • File Description: Penumbra is a first-person horror adventure game created using the latest graphics technologies and physics to create an immersive game world. The author says it is scarier than F.E.A.R. and more realistic than Half-Life 2. An independently created title that is not to be played in the dark.

  • Rayman Raving Rabbids Free Full Game (Ad Supported)
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    • File Description: OS: Windows.

      When the world of Rayman is threatened by a devastating invasion of crazed, out-of-control bunnies Rayman must rise up against his furry foes to foil their wicked plans...

  • Romanians In Space Playable Game Demo
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    • File Description: Join the Battle! Playing as a pilot assigned to the 88th fighter squadron of the 3rd Romanian Fleet. Your task is to provide cover for bigger vessels as they take on the Hungarians, and to "viciously murder millions of non-Romanian alien scum," Yep, you knew Romanians as the lovablely quirky overclockers we have on the forums, but what you didn't know is they have been secretly taking over the world and developing a space army! Romanians in Space is just one of those games that everyone needs to play. It will definitely go down in history beside the likes of Unreal Tournament, Half-Life, and Decent!

  • Solitaire Game Ultra for Windows
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    • File Description: The objective of the solitaire is to put all cards in four foundations above the screen in the ascending order.

      You are to put the cards in four foundations in suit from Ace to King. For this you can use a deck on the left and seven card lines. Three cards, which are drawn from the deck at a time, can be put either on four foundations or on seven opened cards in the seven lines.

      Black cards there should be followed by red ones and vice verse in the descending order by their rank. If any of the seven lines becomes free it can be taken only by King. You have the autofinish button which send all available cards to the foundations.

  • Stress Relief
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    • File Description: Stress Relief - A small \"game\". Good when you really hate your computer.

  • Super Mario Flash 1.0
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    • File Description: Help Mario explore all the worlds in this classic arcade game.

      The goal is to complete levels as fast as possible and achieve maximum points. You can use left/right keys to move forward/backward and use up key to jump on enemies’ heads to knock them out or press space bar to shoot them.

      If you are attacked by the enemies or falls into the river, you will die and lose a life. Meanwhile, try as possible to collect the gold coins and kinds of diamonds which can help you maximize your scores.

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