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  • Warcraft 3 Map - Naruto Ultimate RPG 3.5a
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    • File Description: This is the entire Naruto series in one game, potentially lasting a couple hours! Choose your character and play his/her roles in completing the storyline!

      This RPG map is 256x256 in size and we recommend that you play with a full house.

  • Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Patch v1.24b - English
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    • File Description: Warcraft III Patch v1.24b

      The Warcraft III patch v1.24b has been released with several game fixes, updates and new maps.

      - For the easiest patching process it is recommended that you connect to Battle.net. This can be done by starting the game and clicking on the Battle.net button.

      If you have The Frozen Throne expansion installed you only need to download and install The Frozen Throne patch.

      Blizzard support page

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