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  • Fedora 9 Alpha KDE 4.0 LiveCD - i686 ISO
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    • File Description: Fedora 9 Alpha release LiveCD image ISO.

      This is the Alpha release (experimental version) of the Fedora 9 Linux operating system. This version is a LiveCD, it can be burned to a CD, and booted from to provide a snapshot, or preview of the next generation of Fedora. Although it can be installed on a hard disk, AOA strongly recommends that you DO NOT use this for anything other than evaluation or experimentation purposes as this is an alpha quality release and not a finished product.

      That said, this LiveCD gives us a VERY exciting preview of what is to come in Fedora 9, particularly KDE 4.0 (K Desktop Environment Version 4.0) which is possibly the biggest new release in many years. KDE 4.0 is a very slick, clean, fast, and attractive desktop environment and will be in the official release of KDE 4.0.

      For any Fedora users wanting a preview, Linux users wanting to see KDE 4.0, or even non Linux people interested in seeing exactly what this Linux thing is all about, this file comes highly recommended

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