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  • BMW M3 Challenge - Free Racing Game
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    • File Description: BMW M3 Challenge is a high quality and graphically stunning racing game, designed by 10tacle studios in behalf of BMW AG themselves. It is a completely free game, intended to promote the most latest version of the most successful racing car in automotive history.

      The game features the BMW E92 M3, and the spiritual home of BMW ///Motorsport division, the legendary Nürburgring in Germany. This is a very realistic game with genuine car physics and comes Highly Recommended for any racing game enthusiast or BMW fan.

  • GRID Playable Demo for Windows
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    • File Description: GRID is a motor racing game by Codemasters.

  • Race Driver: GRID Patch v1.3
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    • File Description: The patch can be used with versions 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2.

      GRID Patch 1.3

      - Added support for additional content packs.

      - Added support for Motion Platform D-Box.

      - Increasing the maximum view distance by 1 km so it is possible to see the entire length of the hill roads on San Francisco

      - Fix for personal best lap time not replacing world record lap time when playing without internet connection.

      - Fix for race day personal best lap times only being valid for first race in a grid world event.

      - Fix for being able to select too many different types of cars in multiplayer events Long Beach Battle and Drift Inter GP.

      - Fix for being able to select the Pontiac GTO in multiplayer Touring cars events.

      - Fix for vehicles bought on eBay applying performance modifiers when playing multiplayer events.

      - Fix for being awarded 1 lap in online stats for freestyle drift events.

      - Prevented the editing ebay.xml cheat

  • Trackmania Nations (PC) Full Version
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    • File Description: For the first time in the history of eSport, a video game has been specially developed for the Electronic Sports World Cup and is being offered free of charge to the players of the entire planet so they may commence training for the qualifiers due to take place in 53 countries on Friday 27th of January. The Grand Final of ESWC will be held in Paris from June 28th to July the 2nd , in front of 40,000 people, where the best players from each country will battle it out for a prize of 400,000 dollars.

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