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Role-Playing Game (RPG) Files

  • ArchLord (PC) Free MMORPG
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    • File Description: A free online role-playing game. Raise an army, rule the world!

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  • Arua Rose Online Client v828 for Windows
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    • File Description: The goal of ROSE Online is to gain a sense of your purpose as a Visitor to this universe and take an active part in the ever-evolving storyline. Depending on your adventures and actions, you may take part in the central story or go off on your adventures.

      Our universe, or as it was called in the old tales, the Sea of Souls, was a vast ocean of darkness until the goddess Arua created the seven planets. Each one of them was special and unique. However, all seven planets were created with Arua's love and they shined with the brilliance of seven stars, filling the vast ocean of darkness with wondrous light and life.

      However, Hebarn, God of Malice, grew envious of Arua for her creative power. He forcefully took the seventh planet and pompously named it after himself. Hebarn had become a constant threat to the peace of the seven planets as well as to the goddess Arua.

      To protect the planets from Hebarn's looming menace, Arua created the Visitors, living beings to protect and inhabit the planets. They were scattered among the seven planets to bring peace and justice to the different worlds.

      There are a total of 3 forms of transportation available in ROSE Online. Castle Gear is used to deal great damage to enemies in battles, the Cart which is used to efficiently traverse the land, and the Flying Vessel which allows travellers of ROSE Online to realize the dream of exploring outer space.


  • Hellgate: London - Stonehenge Chronicles Patch for Windows
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    • File Description: This Hellgate game patch includes new levels and some bug fixes.

  • Hellgate: London Demo (PC)
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    • File Description: Action RPG game.

      In the first premiere demo, players choose from two of Hellgate: London's six characters: the swashbuckling melee action of the Blademaster or long-range killing action of the Marksman. Once selected, gamers available carve their way through a sample of the storyline centered around the street and tunnels near Holborn Station.

  • Knight Online Version 1.506 for Windows
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    • File Description: Welcome to the world of Knight Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that utilizes a party system where you help your fellow players to advance. A prominent and exciting feature of Knight Online is the involving, persistent, large-scale war between players. Upon registering and creating your character, you must choose between two nations: El Morad, the nation of the human race, and Karus, the nation of the Orc tribes. The successful player will seek to join forces with others of his or her nation in order to obtain victory. By enduring battles, that character may also become a hero in the Knight Online World. He may also receive a title and reward from the King, become the lord of his own castle, and even rule over a city. Version 1.506 may include unspecified updates, enhancements or bug fixes.

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