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BitTorrent Client Software

  • BitTorrent v. 6.2
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    • File Description: OS: Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP.

      BitTorrent is a protocol for distributing files. It identifies content by URL and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Web. Its advantage over plain HTTP is that when multiple downloads of the same file happen concurrently, the downloaders upload to each other, making it possible for the file source to support very large numbers of downloaders with only a modest increase in its load.

      Licence: Open Source.

  • BitTorrent v. 6.0
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    • File Description: OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

      BitTorrent's software client allows you to quickly download high-quality digital content such as video, music, and games. Available in over 20 languages, it leverages our community of over 70 million users to securely deliver files to your PC faster than anything else out there. Features include detailed graphs and stats on the health of digital media files provide you a safer, more controlled downloading experience, local peer discovery and automatic port mapping increase file transfer speed without the need to reconfigure routers or other hardware, and dynamic bandwidth management allows you to download content without disrupting Web browsing, e-mail, or other applications. By using software that was built by the same team that invented BitTorrent, you are guaranteed access to the latest, most efficient methods of getting digital content to your desktop.

      Version 6.0 includes a new lightweight client based on uTorrent, local peer discover, a configurable bandwidth schedule, an RSS downloader, and other new features.

  • BitTorrent v. 3.3
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    • File Description: A distrubuted downloading tool that uses links hosted by websites.

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