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  • LANPARTY UT ICFX3200-T2R/G BIOS 2007/07/30 (.zip file)
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    • File Description: BIOS dated: 2007/07/30.

      1. Please restore zip file to floppy disk and must run "autoexec.bat" in Dos mode. (The "autoexec.bat" combines with specifical parameters for Awardflash must be run)
      2. If users do not have floppy drive in their computer system, Please update BIOS by using Winflash Ver. 1.84 and In Winflash Ver. 1.84 program, please click on "Update all" in "update options" area and"Clear CMOS" in "CMOS options" area.

      Major Reasons of Change:
      Fixed CPU Bselect can’t set to Auto mode with Intel FSB 1333MHz CPU.

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