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  • CPU Burn-In
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    • File Description: Excellent program to be used in conjunction with StressCPU. The advantage here is taht error checking can be disabled, so it serves as a true burn-in without a consequence program. I use it in my burn-in technique: The process: ------------- *Stock settings for 6hrs (StressCPU) *Bump net CPU Freq by 50 MHz for 1 hr (Edit*4 hrs) (CPUBurn with error checking off). If you computer crashes,back off by 20MHz. *Check status for 30 min using StressCPU. If you find errors,bump voltage by 0.025 V and repeat step #2. Continue this process till you reach your Magic number/Target Freq (mine is 2.7GHz). *Turn off error checking and use CPUBurn for > 14 hrs i.e overnight. Turn off computer, let it cool down and then use Stress CPU to check for errors. Let it run for the rest of the day. *If you still see errors, you have not completed setps 1, 2 properly and have jumped the gun. Don't be hasty! *Now decrease VCore in steps of 0.025 V and see if you get errors. The idea is to reduce the voltage threshold by this back and forth process. ------------------------------------ End Process.

  • CPU Stability Tester
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    • File Description: CPU Stability Tester (From Allan)

  • CPUBurn 4
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    • File Description: very good cpu/system stability tester and maximizes heat production

  • Hot Potato
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    • File Description: Force your cpu to run at 100% utilization.

      DOS based

  • IntelBurnTest
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    • File Description: IntelBurnTest - Tool that helps Intel(R) Core 2(tm)-based (or others) test for system stability in a relatively short time (greatly shorter than Prime95). The program utilizes Intel(R)'s very own CPU stress testing binaries for the most stressful, and speedy testing. This software will put even the highest end Intel(R) Core 2(tm) Extreme rigs to their knees, and shows how REALLY stable the system is. It is highly recommended to use a 64-bit Windows operating system (XP x64 preferred) for the most accurate testing and using maximum amount of free system memory. It will work on even Intel(R) Pentium III processors, but unfortunately, Intel(R) designed the binaries in a way that makes it not run at all on any AMD CPUs. Donations are appreciated!
      Caution: Not for beginning overclockers. This program WILL stress the CPU, Memory, North Bridge, and other system components to their highest extent! Make sure your PC is properly cooled and ventilated!
      Author: AgentGOD

  • Overclock Checking Tool
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    • File Description: OCCT stands for Overclock Checking Tool. Blends with Speedfan & Motherboard monitor. Can be used to stress both CPU & memory together or separately, with temp monitoring & error detection.
      By Tetedeiench, Friday 14 March 2008

  • Stability Test
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    • File Description:

      Tests if your system is stable.

      You can experience instability because overclocking, damaged or low-quality hardware. With CPU Stability Test you can easily test the stability.

      CPU Stability Test tests:

      • CPU
      • Harddisks
      • RAM
      • caches
      and many sections of your Motherboard.

  • Stress CPU
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    • File Description: What is StressCPU? This is a small windows program to torture-test your CPU in order to make sure that you don't have overheating problems. It will only run on SSE-equipped x86 CPUs, and it is executing a special version of the Gromacs innerloops that mixes SSE and normal assembly instructions to heat your CPU as much as possible. This program actually makes my CPU's run from 4C-6C hotter than simply running Gromacs or Prime95. It's a good heat test and it should make any system draw maximum power which will also test the stability of your powersupply.

  • Super Pi v. 1.1e
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    • File Description: Super Pi v1.1e

  • Toast
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    • File Description: One of the best stress testers for your CPU.

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