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Creative Audio Drivers

  • Pax Audigy 4 Softmod Driver
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    • File Description: This is the PAX Audigy 4 Pro suit. You can install this on any machine with a Creative Live! Audigy, or Audigy 2 based card, and it will force the card to become an Audigy 4 Pro. This means you will get to use all of the Audigy 4 programs and features, and will hear improved sound quality which comes with the later drivers. Very much worth a try if you want to improve your Creative sound card.

  • Creative Audigy Drivers
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    • File Description: Driver For Creative Audigy

  • Creative X-Fi Driver Set For Windows 2000/XP
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    • File Description: Creative X-Fi Drivers for windows 2000 and XP version 2.07.0003. These drivers solve an issue raised when the X-Fi was used on machines with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

  • NGO Modified Drivers for Creative Audigy and Audigy 2
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    • File Description: These drivers replace the Creative EAX 4.0 drivers. They are based on Creative Audigy 2 ZS beta drivers however, are compatible with both Audigy and Audigy 2 cards, with limited support for Live! cards as well. These modified drivers are still in beta, and it is strongly recommended that you install the "MusicDVD Edition" rather than "Gamers Edition" when prompted during the installation. Audigy and Audigy 2 users should use the MusicDVD Edition option, with only Live! users trying the Gamers Edition. These drivers improve audio quality significantly in music playback, and DVD playback, as well as EAX4.0 quality. They also reduce the amount of stress your Audigy / Audigy 2 card places on your CPU, thus giving an increase in gaming performance. This gain will not show up in synthetic benchmarks such as 3DMark, however are noticeable in gaming. Very Highy Recommended.

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